• Medicine Hat Airport

    Located only 20 minutes away from Ross Creek RV park.

  • Golf Courses

    If our guests are looking to get a round of golf in, there are plenty of beautiful golf courses to play, all within a 10-15 KM radius from the RV park.

  • Red Rock Coulee

    Come see the famous Red Rock Coulee, the breathtaking natural area known to Medicine Hat.

  • Downtown Medicine Hat

    Medicine Hat’s Historic Downtown, where you'll find the Contemporary arts center, numerous restauranrts, bars, coffee shops, and historic buildings that have been turned into public artworks by graffiti and mural artists.

  • Medicine Hat Hospital

    Take comfort in your stay knowing the regional hospital is only 15 minutes away from the camp grounds.

  • South Saskatchewan River

    The beautiful south saskatchewan river connects through the town of Medicine hat, explore all sorts of water activites such as, swimming, kayaking and boating.

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